Wednesday, January 16, 2019

A TestDriven Workshop Example Using C# and NUnit

I've done this workshop multiple times at work to teach developers Test Driven Development using C# and NUnit.

You can clone it at

The theme of the workshop is from the movie "We Bought A Zoo".

Enjoy and leave me feedback below on how to improve the workshop.

Here's an outline of my notes:

Essence of TDD: Write failing tests **first**, before coding the functionality.

Ping Pong

  1. Bob writes a failing test
  2. Ashley writes just enough functionality in the method so it will pass.
  3. The code may then be refactored to make it cleaner.
  4. Bob and Ashley now switch roles and continue.

This is the Red/Green/Refactor cycle.

One method of arranging your code is to have Arrange/Act/Assert sections in your test.

Benefits of Test Driven Development:

  1. Encourages better architectural design
  2. Makes debugging easier
  3. Guarantees tests are written
  4. Encourages us to think about requirements and edge cases
  5. Let's you be courageous and refactor code

Drawbacks of Test Driven Development:

  1. Tests are expensive. They are expensive to write and more expensive to maintain.
  2. Perfect Unit Tests with 100% coverage do not offer any guarantees on overall code quality. Don't be lulled into a sense of false security.
  3. GUI, Integration, Performance, and Endurance tests are also needed.

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