Friday, August 13, 2010

David Smith at Austin SPIN and IEEE Meeting

The always entertaining and thought provoking David Smith talked to a crowd last night of the Austin SPIN and IEEE.

Some random thoughts I jotted down:
The world in increasing real time
Continuous integration is moving to continuous delivery of software
No system is 100% secure, you just make your tradeoffs
David recommended the book, "Does IT matter?"
His mantra through the night was "Digital content + ubiquitous communication + ubiqutious computing" is changing the world - are you ready?
Network communication used to be "People to people", then "People to things", now most traffic on networks is "Things to things".
The future is in biological computing.
"My geek is more powerful than a nuclear bomb" Cyber-warfare is incredibly powerful.
"Go" is the fastest growing language in Tiobe's history of tracking.
David said we passed "Sarnoff's law" on the way to "Metcalfe's law" and are now in the territory of "Reed's law" which says the power of the network of N nodes is equal to 2 raised to the N power.

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