Wednesday, November 06, 2013

"synwinxt.dll is missing or invalid" error after 1.4.14 upgrade on Windows XP

After loving synergy for the last few years, I decided to upgrade since it had one minor annoyance: When ever my server machine got a new IP address, the client couldn't find it - I had to manually reset it by reentering a different version of the host name which caused synergy to lookup the IP address.
Well, nothing is as easy as it looks.
I upgraded my windows7 server to the 64 bit version and windows XP client to the latest 32-bit version, 1.4.15.  Didn't work.  My XP box keep getting "synwinxt.dll is missing or invalid".
I downgraded to version 1.4.14 on both machines and still couldn't get them to communicate.
I finally installed the 1.4.15 32-bit version on my Windows 7 server and it all worked beautifully again.
Synergy is wonderful for sharing keyboard and mouse across multiple machines.

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