Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to get your Firefox "Sync Recovery Key" (sort of)

I had an old test box running XP and it was upgraded to Win7. In the process I lost my Firefox Sync with my main development box. Firefox Sync is wonderful, but it makes Byzantine bureaucracy look like a Manual for Dummies. It's full of blind alleys and circular mazes. Going to "about:home" and clicking on the "sync" icon at the bottom put me in an Alice In Wonderland world where I needed my Sync Recovery Key to log in, but couldn't get those magic numbers until I was logged in. Hmmmm. My solution:
1. Delete your account at https://account.services.mozilla.com
2. Recreate it with the same username and password, but be careful to get the "Sync Recovery Key" from the "Manage Account". The interface is a little odd, because it's assuming you want to change the key, not copy it. On the panel select "Cancel" after you have copied the key to a warm, dry place.

3. Went to my new device and started the process to pair the device. Then it all worked. Good luck.


Paddington said...

does this process erase your already synced data? or are you able to retrieve it when you set up sync again?

Mitch Fincher said...

I would assume it would not delete any data you have synced, but I'm not totally sure.