Monday, January 20, 2014

Where Are the Millionaire NSA Brother-In-Laws?

Seems to me with NSA analysts gathering all this meta-information on phone calls, some of them would be tempted to call their brother-in-laws and say something like, "Hey Ted, the head of IBM acquisitions has been placing a lot of calls to Acme Quantum, that California company that IPO'd two years ago. I checked their credit cards and Acme Quantum's executive team and the IBM team were in the same Vegas hotel last month for four days. For some reason, everyone traveled there on separate planes, never met in the same restaurant, and ate a lot of room service. I haven't a clue about what they were saying, since everyone knows the NSA doesn't record the calls, just the fact that the calls were made. I know this information isn't useful for anything, but I thought you'd find it interesting since you tell me you get bored sitting at the trading desk all day."

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